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Custom Birthday Wedding Special Occasion Cakes Cary, Raleigh, NC

Before Ordering Your Cake

  • Due to overwhelming demand for our highly sought after custom decorated cakes, we must extend the lead time for these cakes to a MINIMUM OF ONE WEEK. Fondant decorated cakes have a longer lead time – typically TWO weeks or more depending on the complexity. Depending different times of the time of year, these lead times must be extended (especially during holidays). Please call the bakery for the current lead time policy. If you would like to order one of these custom cakes, please take these time constraints into consideration. Thank you.

  • Short notice orders must be approved by the production and decorating departments. We cannot always accommodate short notice orders.

  • Other special orders and requests must be approved in advance. See our Terms and Conditions on this page for more information.
  • Additional charges may apply.
  • Click here to view our custom cake gallery.

Wedding Cake Fondant Cake Birthday Cake and Ordering Info Cary and Raleigh

If you have questions regarding our custom wedding cakes please read our wedding cakes faq sheet and our products and services brochure. If you have any additional questions or would like to set up a wedding cake consultation please call or email us to schedule your time slot.

Birthday Cakes & Celebration Cakes Cary NC Raleigh NC

Our custom cakes are designed in collaboration with our customers and cake decorators. We strive to create the perfect design with all the elements you have in mind; whether it’s elaborate and detailed fondant work or simple buttercream flowers in special colors, we take care and pride in each custom cake order. Our team of creative professionals have created some unique cake designs as you can see in our custom cake gallery.

As you consider the design for your cake, we ask that you allow us ample time to create it. Fondant work takes time to dry before we can place those elements on a cake. Multiple colors, flavors, fillings and detailed decoration add to the overall cost and time factor in creating your cake. Our minimum lead time for custom layer cakes is one week, with fondant decorated cakes having a minimum of two weeks’ notice. During holidays, longer lead times may apply. Short notice or rush jobs may be accepted on a case by case basis and additional charges will apply”. If our production schedule permits, we can produce orders in a shorter amount of time, but please call ahead. We cannot always accommodate short notice orders. Rush fees may apply in some cases. If you have any questions regarding birthday and celebration cakes don't hesitate to ask!

Cake Selections

Strawberry Lemon
Lemon cake with strawberry buttercream filling and frosting.

Lemon Raspberry
Lemon cake with raspberry buttercream filling and frosting.

Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and frosting. Chocolate drizzle on top.

Orange Cream
Orange cake with orange white chocolate buttercream filling and frosting. White chocolate curls around sides.

Lime cake with tequila lime buttercream filling and frosting.

Chocolate cake soaked with Kahlua. Mocha buttercream filling and frosting. Garnished with chocolate covered espresso beans.

Chocolate Diner Cake
Super moist and rich chocolate cake with ganache frosting. Garnished with chocolate curls around the sides.

Carrot Cake
A rustic cake with cinnamon, pineapple, walnuts, coconut and lots of carrots with cream cheese frosting. Garnished with crushed walnuts around the sides.

Red Velvet Cake
Traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Garnished with white chocolate curls around the sides.

Coconut Cake
Yellow cake with coconut aroma and shredded coconut baked into the cake. Frosted with coconut buttercream. Covered in shredded coconut.

German Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake with pecan coconut filling. Frosted with ganache and topped with more pecan coconut frosting.

Black Forest Cake
Chocolate cake with cherry and ganache filling. Frosted with ganache. Garnished with whipped cream and cherries.

Boston Cream Cake
Yellow cake with pastry cream filling. Frosted with ganache.

Strawberry Dream (seasonal)
Yellow cake with fresh strawberries and buttercream filling. Frosted in fresh strawberry buttercream.

Mixed Berry (seasonal)
Yellow cake with fresh in-season fruit and buttercream filling. Frosted in buttercream. Garnished with fresh mixed fruit.

S’mores Cake
Chocolate cake with s’mores filling (graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows, chocolate chips). Frosted with ganache. Garnished with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Oreo Cake
Chocolate cake with chocolate oreo buttercream filling. Frosted with vanilla oreo buttercream. Garnished with oreos and chocolate drizzle.

Reese’s Cake
Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream with Reese’s cup pieces filling. Frosted with peanut butter buttercream. Garnished with Reese’s cups and chocolate drizzle.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream filling and frosting. Garnished with salted caramel and chocolate drizzle.

Tuxedo Cake
3 layers of chocolate cake. Vanilla buttercream filling and frosting. Poured ganache over the top with white chocolate drizzle.

Bananas and Cream Cake
Yellow cake with fresh bananas and buttercream filling. Frosted with banana flavored buttercream.

Pineapple and Cream Cake
Yellow cake with pineapple and pastry cream filling. Frosted with white chocolate buttercream.

Before placing your order please note the following:

  • Gluten Free option add $5.00
  • All cakes must be paid in full upon ordering.

Gluten Free Cake
Looking for a gluten-free cake? Ask us about our gluten-free cake options. Currently we offering a gluten-free chocolate, red velvet yellow and carrot cake; others to follow soon. And don't forget about our Gluten Free Fridays! Click here for details.

Prices shown are for STANDARD cakes with STANDARD fillings and decoration. Starred (*) items and items listed under ‘Additional Options’ are not standard. Not all options are available for all cakes. Cakes smaller than 8” are not available by special order unless they are part of a larger cake order and of the same flavor. Prices will vary depending on your filling, decoration and other options. Portion estimates are approximate. It is the customer’s responsibility to calculate and order enough cake for their guests. Standard inscriptions are included (Ex: Happy Birthday, etc).

Custom Cake Sizes

Note: All cakes are two layers. Extra charge for additional layer(s)

Cake Size Feeds Prices
6” round 5-7 $18.99 and up
8” round 8-12 $28.99 and up
10” round 14-18 $38.99 and up
12” round 20-30 $48.99 and up
1⁄4 sheet - 13" x 9" 20-25 $52.99 and up
1⁄2 sheet - 15" x 11" 30-35 $69.99 and up
Full sheet 18" x 12" 40-50 $89.99 and up

Frostings Options: Buttercream (vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, coconut), cream cheese, ganache

Fillings Options: Buttercream, cream cheese, ganache, pastry cream

* Buttercream: When purchasing a buttercream frosted cake, please bring the cake to ROOM TEMPERATURE prior to serving. Our buttercream frosting is made from scratch using real butter (never shortening), so it needs to be brought to the proper temperature before serving.
**Fondant: When purchasing a cake with fondant (decorations or fully covered) you should not refrigerate the cake. Fondant will sweat and droop if refrigerated.

terms Conditions

Choking Risk
Many of our custom cake designs feature small EDIBLE and NON-EDIBLE items in the decorations that may pose a choking hazard/risk. We recommend an adult remove all these items from any child’s cake just before cutting and serving your cake. Please use caution when cutting your cake.

Customer Provided Decorations
Customers may provide their own decorations but they must be approved in advance prior to placing the cake order. Customer assumes all responsibility for suitability of decorations to be used for the cake. Depending on the design to be incorporated with the decoration, there may be additional charges incurred.

Design Specifications
If no specific design details are called out by the customer and are not on the written cake order, the cake decorator will use their discretion as to what designs, colors, flowers, etc., are applied to the cake. Example: If a customer indicates they want ‘pink and green’ used somewhere in the cake decoration or to add ‘some flowers or scrolls’ but does not specify anything more detailed, this will fall under the cake decorator’s discretion. We make every effort to clarify our customer’s wishes. Customers are ultimately responsible to indicate what design, decoration, flavors, colors or inscriptions they want on their cake.

Detailed Custom Work
For detailed custom designs other than basic inscriptions and buttercream flowers or swirls, concept sketches will be drawn up prior to finalizing your cake order and emailed to you for approval. Colors will be approximated for frostings and decorations. If you have specific color matching requirements (to coordinate with an invitation or theme), we will attempt to match them but cannot guarantee exact matches. If you want to bring us a photo of a cake design you want duplicated, most of the time we can approximate another design, but we reserve the right to decline any request or to make necessary changes to a design. Please allow sufficient time to price and process these special orders. All fondant work is by quote only and requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice or more.

Delivery is available for wedding cakes and catering orders (fee applies). All other orders are to be picked up at our location. Deliveries must be approved and arranged prior to finalizing the order. The customer or their authorized agent must sign for all deliveries. Once a cake is delivered it is the responsibility of the receiving party.

Flavors, Fillings and Frostings
Please take care in ordering your cake. If you are not sure of a description of one of these elements, please ask the person taking your order to explain it. You can also talk to the production department head for further information if you need it before making a decision.

All cakes with inscriptions, custom and decorated cake orders must be paid for in full upon ordering. Wedding cake orders are subject to other terms and conditions that are not covered here. Please call for an appointment to discuss any wedding cake orders.

Smash Cakes
We do not use any sprinkles, fondant decorations or candies. Customers are free to apply these on their own.

Tiered Cakes
For tiered cakes, we will use structural components inside the tiers to support the tier above it. These may be wood skewers, straws, plastic sticks or other items needed to support the weight of the tiers. Please use caution in removing these from your cake when deconstructing it for slicing and serving.